Our Team

Andrew Borges Partner, RA

“Our work is not about us. It's about the client, and about doing our part to build a better world.”

Andrew has spent nearly 30 years prioritizing elegant solutions. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico, studied at Harvard, honed his craft in the studios of George Suyama and Ed Weinstein, and went on to become a founding partner of Rohleder Borges Architecture.

Andrew is greatly respected for his leadership, unwavering integrity, and his commitment to new technologies and sustainability. His practice is informed by listening and by levity. His human-centered approach ensures that an often complex and challenging process can also be fun and empowering for everyone involved.

From learning environments and theatres to corporate jet hangars and residences, Andrew proudly designs to every scale and need. He is driven by the belief that he will make the world a better place through architecture.

M.Arch, Harvard University
B.A. International Relations, Brown University

Tim Rohleder Partner, RA, LEED AP

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” —Theodore Roosevelt

Tim is well loved for his soft-spoken leadership and relentless dedication to sustainable building practices. He has spent over 30 years advocating for quality in design.

He developed his trade in the legendary studio of Antoine Predock. He sharpened his skills at Olson Sundberg, and worked as a museum consultant throughout the Northwest. As a founding partner of Rohleder Borges Architecture, he initiated a new generation of jet hangars at Boeing Field.

Tim inspires both clients and project teams to rise to any challenge. He has a gift for presenting complex solutions to the most difficult problems in straightforward terms. Everyone who has worked with Tim knows that he demonstrates the highest levels of patience, inclusivity, and technical ability that we've ever had the pleasure to learn from.

M.Arch, University of New Mexico
B.A. Human Environmental Design, University of Kentucky

Tristin Pagenkopf Principal, AIA, LEED AP

“Over the past 20 years, I've had the privilege to work with incredible people on a wide range of project types and sizes. My focus is on design and how people interact with the materials and details that make our world a wonderful place. I enjoy working closely with clients, colleagues, and craftsmen to make new things. I love what I do!"

Tristin's broad experience includes: library design, corporate aviation, historic renovation, tenant improvements, residential work, and furniture. Known for her acute design sensibility, she has a gift for seeing both the big picture and the smallest detail.

M.Arch, University of Pennsylvania
B.A. Architectural Studies, University of Washington

Aaron Dupont Associate

“Over two decades ago, I began work as a draftsman, an experience that started me on the path to becoming a designer. I enjoy all facets of architecture — residential, restaurants, mall tenant improvements, office buildings, health care, and education facilities — for me, all projects (small or large) are equally engaging. My strength is collaborating with clients, colleagues, contractors, and consultants to create an end product that we can all take pride in.”

Dubbed “the architect's architect” by his peers, Aaron's high technical aptitude, strong sense of order, and superb drawing skills make him a solid addition to any design team. With old-school values and a willingness to help on any project, he is a “salt of the earth” kind of guy.

M.Arch, University of Idaho
B.A. Architecture, University of Idaho

Cory Harris Principal, LEED AP BD+C

“Design has been my thing, since I first laid my eyes on a Bang & Olufsen turntable at my best friend's house back in the '80s. Architecture school brought my passion into focus. Whether object, idea, or building, I've spent the last 20 years seeking out the delight and beauty that come from well-designed things.”

Cory's diverse experience spans custom residential remodels, multi-family housing, and collegiate athletic facilities. His personal training as a licensed pilot, combined with a background in large-scale architecture, highlights his unique contributions to aviation design and management at Rohleder Borges Architecture. He is as detail-oriented as he is positive, which is why clients immediately connect with him.

B.Sc. Arch, McGill University
B.Arch, McGill University

Warren Pope Design Professional

“I've had the good fortune to contribute to a diverse array of design projects. My experience with fabrication technology and design, the public art process, and community engagement informs the interdisciplinary approach of my process.”

Warren is naturally curious and collaborative. He draws inspiration by engaging with the local architecture community: teaching youth, curating installations, serving on community committees, and advocating for social and economic justice within the discipline. Not only is Warren an amazing person, but he is also a true artist.

B.A. Architecture, University of Washington

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Ricky Lyman Associate

“Before practicing architecture, I worked in a variety of furniture shops and artist studios. I enjoy working with clients and craftsmen to design appropriate solutions for each project.”

If you morphed the design sensibilities of an artist, a geologist, and an architect into one species, you might approximate Ricky Lyman's approach to his craft. With experience designing everything from chairs to private residences to aircraft hangars, Ricky brings thoughtful and attentive detail to every project he encounters.

M.Arch, University of Washington
B.A. Architectural Studies, Hobart College